A new dimension awaits. Where open, connected and intelligent systems are the new reality. A reality embodied in a new kind of drive. The iC7 series from Danfoss Drives – your portal to a new era of opportunities within your industry – in a sustainable and energy-efficient way.

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More power and precision than ever before 

Regardless of the industry you operate in, using fully versatile drives will make all the difference. Drives designed to give you superior energy-efficient motor control and predictive maintenance capabilities, and with built-in encryption. For the highest-performing systems possible.

iC7-Automation Frequency Converter
Danfoss Newdimensions Ic7 Productshot Background BG 540X517


For high performance with low emissions 

Optimizing your applications demands intelligent drives designed to improve uptime. Powerful drives that will lead to greater vessel performance with reduced emissions. Highly reliable drives that mean your systems will be able to handle any environment or workload.

iC7-Marine Frequency Converter


A new dimension of possibilities


Experience a new era in quality. With a range of drives that has been designed to unlock new ways for single applications or entire systems to perform better. When it comes to hardware and software, you need drives that will always live up to the highest possible standards in quality and reliability – for predictable, repeatable performance from your applications.

Intelligent iC7 frequency converters from Danfoss Drives

Let intelligence set you free

To stay one step ahead of the competition means using intelligent drives that will give you full freedom to connect, control and future-proof your systems. With new expert control algorithms and high data volume capacity. Now, that’s smart.

Let intelligence set you free


Versatile iC7 frequency converters from Danfoss Drives

Gain the flexibility you need

To optimize your systems you need the newest, most relevant technology available. The iC7 series comes with application-specific software, so that you can run every application as optimally as possible. Configure each drive to your exact needs. Scale up functionality with a multitude of options. Even access is flexible: connect from your preferred device.

Gain the flexibility you need


Future-proof iC7 frequency converters from Danfoss Drives

Future-proof your systems for decades to come

Use a single, versatile drive to optimize a vast range of different motors and systems, giving you the flexibility to distribute intelligence the way you want. Extend and adapt functionality over the life of the system. Prepared for technologies of the future, so you can continue to excel within your industry for decades to come.

Future-proof your systems for decades to come


iC7 frequency converter from Danfoss Drives

About Danfoss Drives

A better tomorrow is driven by drives

Wherever you are, whatever your system, you need application-optimized AC drive solutions. Backed by a partner who can offer unique services and support.

Using drives that are designed to change the way your electrical motors operate by opening up for new levels of process precision, energy efficiency and emission reductions. And which enhance hybridization and electrification.

8% – the potential of AC drives for the environment
Did you know that if every application that could use an AC drive had one installed, we’d potentially save 8% of all the electricity used on our planet? By making the right move, you can help fast-track this potential.

At Danfoss we aim for sustainability in everything we do. And we help our customers achieve sustainable solutions too.

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